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RTI Blockchain the company

The RTI Dashboard is a product made by RTI Blockchain, a company that seeks ways to take away all substantial weaknesses throughout the supply chain. With an open approach RTI Blockchain aims for the human touch in a technology driven surrounding.

Milou Klooster

Milou Klooster is one of the founders of RTI Blockchain

She developed the RTI Dashboard. After finishing her studies in International Business and Management with a final internship at Oracle, she started to work at a family firm that sells fish to retailers and wholesalers. There, Milou discovered the administrative load of crates and pallets and the hassle that comes with it. Since she couldn’t find an answer to the problem we call administrative hassle, Milou decided to fix it herself.

While she searched for a proper way of solving double administration problems, issues with balance settlements and items getting lost, she discovered a new digital approach that could take away all substantial weaknesses in the supply chain. By developing the RTI Dashboard, Milou created a reliable source to handle load carrier administration.

Milou Klooster

Ever since high school, Yves du Bois, one of the founders of RTI Blockchain,

wanted to become an entrepreneur. To reach his goal, he needed to learn the basics of credit and debit. That’s why Yves started working at Exact: to learn more about financial administrative processes and the software companies use. What followed was a career as a consultant in logistics, specifically load carrier management. As a consultant he professionalized and optimized the load carrier management for lots of different companies.

Yves started doing this for different organizations and became an experienced cargo unloader as well as the go-to person for the integration of API’s and other systems. Nowadays Yves is looking for ways to end the fiddling and hassles of load carrier registration. By means of the RTI Dashboard, Yves has brought back load carrier management to its basics: from A to B on date X with carrier Y and how many of those. Simple, understandable and integrable just like internet banking.

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Iphone with the blockchain Dashboard

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