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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

About the RTI Dashboard

Yes. With the use of an API-token you can connect your IT-system easily with our RTI dashboard. Via the API you can create shipments, see balance and stock and update in an instant. This way you avoid administrative errors and duplication of work.

As many as you need! You pay us per item per transaction. The number of users does not matter.

Yes we do! Here you find the RTI Dashboard for Android and this is the link to the Apple store.

We would love to. If you contact us via info@rtiblockchain.nl we will gladly take you through the RTI Dashboard within 30 minutes.

You are up and ready to go within 5 minutes! As a company you can register now and immediately start with manual input. Within half an hour you know all the ins & outs and are up and running. Linking the RTI Dashboard via API is completely dependent on your own organization.

Right now! You are free try out the RTI Dashboard for 30 days. After this test period, you can choose which transactions from the test environment you want to take to the live environment.

Thank you for your interest. Registering can be done quickly via this site. Apart from the benefits associated with the fast registrations, there are no obligations. You can always "get out of line".

It's that simple, you don't need a manual. Can't figure it out? Feel free to contact us.

Dutch, German, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Polish and Italian. Missing a language? Do let us know!

Do you have any more questions that are not in the FAQ? For customer questions, please contact support@rtiblockchain.nl and/or +31-(0)15 887 86 42 and for WhatsApp with +31-(0)624709336

About working within the RTI Dashboard

If a business relation doesn’t use the RTI Dashboard, you will receive the message "This organization is not yet registered on RTI Blockchain." You will be given the option to send this customer an invitation via mail to join the RTI Dashboard.

If you want to start right away, you can create a temporary / dummy location. With this you can then do your own administration. Your business relation can later 'register on the platform and easily take over that temporary location to coordinate your administration together.

We very much doubt that, but it is possible to create a relation manually and take it under your own management in order to do the administration anyway. When you invite an organization to participate in the platform, it will initially receive a free viewing function of what you have sent and collected.

Yes, that's possible. Our CC function enables a viewing function for selected parties on the item defined in CC. Think of receipts, shipments or both. The CC functionality works exactly the same as with Carbon Copy (CC) e-mail. You can define the CC rules per relation. This way you can link an item type to the correct pooler for instance. But also inform invoice debtors for instance. By way of example: for trade relation X you set Euro Pool Systems as CC for EPS crates. This way Euro Pool Systems is immediately informed of the shipment.

About RTI’s and items

Yes, isn’t that great? The system contains a list of items, each with a unique number; the RTID. At ‘item name’ you can add your own name, number or coding, so that it matches with your own systems.

Via the dashboard “Stock” you can submit a request to add an RTI. Or contact us and we will implement it as soon as possible.

You can via “mutations“. Here you can make your correction (negative or positive) to change your item stock.

Where are they now? Via the menu “balance” you can see exactly how many items / packaging you have and where they are.

It is possible for your customers to give you as a pooler viewing rights on certain items. But also as supplier to a sub supplier. This means that you can see exactly how many of your items are in stock there at any time. How convenient is that?

About transactions and shipments

Very easily! You will receive a notification of the incoming shipment via the dashboard. You can check this and then correct or accept it. This can be done manually or via a link with your existing systems.

After a shipment is marked "complete" for 30 days, RTI Blockchain bills the shipment. The shipment can’t be changed after this. If you still want to correct the shipment, than convert it to a new shipment with a link to the changed shipment. This way you can always correct it for your administration. But, a printed invoice in your administration can also no longer be deleted, right?!

Don’t panic! It is possible to correct a shipment. By doing so you immediately keep the relevant party and any CC-relation informed.

This means that a shipment has been corrected. The changes must be approved by the relevant party or by you, or rejected again and returned to your business relation.

Financial questions about the RTI Dashboard

Business relations and organizations can pay each other by direct debit, SEPA, MasterCard or periodic invoice

The sender pays € 0.0005 per item transaction according to the "pay-per-use" model. No shipments means no costs. For example: if you send out 100 roll containers, you pay 100 x € 0.0005 = € 0.05. There are no other costs! No maintenance and support costs, no costs for additional users and of course no purchase costs.

No stress! This is done completely automatic. 30 days after the shipment has been "completed", the 30-day counter for the payment term starts. In fact, the payment term is therefore 60 days.

This is sent via the specified email address as defined at the "Billing Information".

Invoices can be found under the "Invoicing" tab in the RTI Dashboard

About RTI Blockchain and the RTI Dashboard

Yes, and we make sure the coffee is ready for you: RTI Blockchain, Valk Business Center Amersfoort, Ruimtevaart 24, 3824 MX Amersfoort.

RTI stands for Returnable Transport Items. You may know it as RP, RPC, items, assets or packaging. They are Such as (plastic) crates, pallets or containers, each with a unique identity. These are used for moving or transporting goods.

Blockchain makes it possible to share and keep track of all exchange traffic. Every party you work with receives an identical copy of the exchange traffic of the RTIs. As a result, someone cannot just remove a number, forget or add information, because then that copy is no longer identical.

All this traffic is securely tracked in the blockchain and must be approved by the other party. Privacy layers ensure that the party concerned can only see what they are entitled to.

The RTI Dashboard can thus function anonymously and completely securely as a digital packaging highway using blockchain technology.'