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Pay per item per transaction

Simple pricing

The sender pays € 0.0005 per item transaction.
Fully according to the "pay-per-use" model. No shipments means no costs.

Example cost breakdown

If you send 8 pallets that each contain 40 crates to the next supply chain partner, the price will be:

8 pallets + 320 crates = €0.164 for that transaction
And only €0.21 for an FTL with empty pallets

Practical example

In 3 weeks time, about 150 shipments of 1 item (in 2 colours) take place between 7 suppliers. The total packaging value of these shipments is approximately 1 million euros. There is no discussion whatsoever about the shipments and it’s clear for all parties. On average, this costs each of the 7 suppliers 4.20 Euro for their load administration with RTI Dashboard.

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Iphone with the blockchain Dashboard

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